It depends on where you go to live is possible to live without a car.

In my case I have lived this year without needing it and I could replace it thanks to all the options I am going to explain you .

Throughout the year I spent about $ 150 a month in uber, zip car , taxi ...that is the monthly cost to park anywhere. Also my situation ( I have only one child in nearly three years ) has allowed me to live without a car.

If you decide to buy a 2nd hand car you can find it in the following links:

Also you will find many people from the last year program selling their cars. Very soon I will let you know which cars from MIT students are being sold.

Cars availables now:

VW Tiguan 2009 (59.000 miles). 12.800$. Contact +1 617.852-5583

Here I indicate the links and app you need to use other  transportation:

Uber : I think is one of the best options if you don’t have a car. Sometimes I go to the grocery store walking and I come back with Uber , oResultado de imagen para ubernly for 5$. Cars are clean and in general drivers are nice. If you have any problem with the driver or the route you have to know that the customer service is amazing and if they see you feel not weel the will refund part of the price paid.

Zip car: It is an alternative to the car rental. You can rent a car for 1 hour and 10$. It is very useful. You can join Zip car for 7$ a month and you forget about diesel, insurance and parking. You can find zip cars all around the city. I use a lot this kind of service to go with my son for a weekend trip, to the zoo, to do shopping in a mall. To join the service they will ask you for a letter from your country traffic ministery. I will recomend you to go directly to the main office in Boston to give the documents. The adress is :2 Liberty Square(at Kilby St. & Milk St.), Boston, MA 02109. Phone: 617.933.5070

Rent a car: The most famous places here to rent a car are Enterprise and Budget

Subway (T) : You can get the Student Charlie Card for 35$ / month

Bicycle: To buy a cycle is a good option. You will be able to use it from april to novembre. The rest of the year is impossible because of the cold weather and snow.

You can find a good stores which also will give you the option to buy second hand bikes, like this one called bike boom sited in Somerville.

Also, in Cambridge , near Central you will find this store. The bikes there are very good and the prices are higher than 500$.

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