Schools / Childcares

One of the biggest concerns as parents is to find a good school or a good daycare for our children. Here you will find those recommended by the partners who have lived in Boston and childcares options .


Public Schools*

*Public schools and buses are free

**Some offer foreign languages: Chinese, Sapanish, Japanese,…extended hour

Programmes offered:

  • 3 years old programme (before 31 August)
  • Junior-Kindergarten (4 years before 31 March)
  • Kidergarten (5 years before 31 August)
  • 1st Grade (6 years before 31 August)


  • Cambridge: Family Resource Centre (FRC). Click here
  • Brookline: Brookline Public Schools – Central Administration. Click here

Documents required when registering:

  1. Up-to-date immunization records & birth certificate / passport / visa etc. (in english)
  2. School records, progress report of the child. (in english)
  3. Proof of residence (i.e. Lease / Utility bill with parent’s name)**

**In some cases proof of sublet confirmation is enough

Examples of public schools used by SF15:

  1. Graham and parks School
  2. Kennedy Longfellow School

Private Schools*

Examples of private schools used by SF15:

  1. British School of Boston (K-8th).‎
  2. International School of Boston (Pre-K, K & Grade 1-12, English-French).
  3. St. Peter’s School (Catholic , Pre K-8)
  4. Boston College. Click here.  (and BC High School click

IMG-20150421-WA0001 (1)


About the daycare you should know that in Boston are generally much more expensive than in our countries of origin. The monthly cost is about $ 2000-2500 if the child or baby will go to the class 5 days per week full time. There is the option that children go 2 days (cost $ 1,050) or 3 days ($ 1300-1500) per week. Also you will have the option when considering hours per day.

Childcares used by SF15*

*If you are thinking to enroll you baby / toodler in a Childcare you should write an email to the Enrollment Coordinator (Renalyn Te  asking to inscribe you in the waiting list, so you will find a big waiting list before you.

  • Brigth Horizons. You will find this childcares everywhere. Some of them are affiliated (click here) to MIT, some of them are not. The ones affiliated are near the campus or on-campus. The ones we used are: IMG-20150406-WA0011

    The David H. Koch Childcare Center

    Building W64
    219 Vassar Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Director: Justine Donovan 


    Eastgate Childcare Center

    Building E55
    60 Wadsworth Street
    Building 68 (satellite infant classroom)
    31 Ames Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Director: Anya Anderson


    Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center

    758 Marrett Road
    Lexington, MA 02421
    Director, Jocelyn Malloy


    Stata Childcare Center

    Building 32-100
    32 Vassar Street
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Director: Karen Donaher


    Westgate Cooperative Preschool

    Building W85
    540 Memorial Drive
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    Director: Susan Clark


    • Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (half-day option until noon)
    • Preschool program
    • Full- and half-day schedules
    • Center is a 9-month program, open from the Wednesday after Labor Day in September until the Thursday before Memorial day in May.
    • Cooperative requirement: for full-time families, a commitment of two-hours per week in helping roles inside or outside the classroom
    • Capacity: 15 children


  • Pine Village. Spanish inmersion childcare. It is located very near third street and 10 min from Sloan School and T station. Resultado de imagen para pine village child careYou can have more information here.
    That’s why there are other more economical options and there are centers that organize activities for children.


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