Babysitting services

When I first arrived to Boston I was very concerned about having a babysitter for my son. He was 2 years old and in Spain he was with a very lovely person who took care of him. Here in Boston I felt unconfortable with the idea of leaving my kid to an unknown person.

Resultado de imagen para babysitter

Finally my experience was great. I found a babysitter and sometimes the same nany was taking care of more than one kid. That is very confortable and cheaper for us.

I would say we have this two possibilities:

  • To find a babysitter form the “word of mouth”

Before we leave the country and knowing the availability of our babysitters we can share with you their phone numbers.

  • To look for a babysitter in a private agency, for example:
  1. PARENTS IN A PINCH. You should like there is a program called “Parents in a Pinch” subsideized by MIT that has the following features:

Subsidized cost of only 5$ per hour150886-425x283-babysitter-certification

The service can be used 10 times for a minimum of 4 hours and maximum 8 hours

You can intervew the person before the contract and having always the same person if you ask in advance.


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