Living in Cambridge or Boston is always a nice experience. We can mainly find two kind of options: live on campus or off campus .

What is better? It depends on your preferences. I will say that I have observed throughout this year.

Positive things about living on campus : sociability ( you know more people , your children play with other children , your neighbors are students or partners like you) , security, mutual aid from neighboring (almost everybody is in the same situation as you ) , frequent social events, most affordable option, shuttle provides easy acces to Kendall / MIT.

Negative things about living on campus : Apartments without washing machine or dishwasher, no shuttle service on weekends, moving-in only in August (sublet needed in summer), some buildings are away from campus , old buildings and small apartments.

Positive things about living off campus : New Homes , washing machine and dishwasher , concierge , some with pool, some close to school , independence , better school district for children, relatively larger apartment.

Negative things about living on campus : Expensive , socialization – harder to stay connected, snow removal, the university environment is not live so close .


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