Grocery stores

In Cambridge and Boston you will find all kind of stores. Here I will give you a list of the most popular: My favourites are Trader Joe’s and Star Market

Organic food

  • Trader Joe’s. For more information go to For me is the best place to buy if you like organic food. Prices are not very expensive and the quality is very goo. Here you will find only food and drink (beer and wine). There is no staff for kids (no diaper, babyfood…). There is 1 store 15 min walking from westgate.traderjoes
  • Whole Foods. For more information and locations click here. Whole foods has all kind of food, drinks, and things for babies. I think it is very expensive but the quality is the best. There is one store 20 min walking from westgate (Putnam Street)1277

other grocery stores

  • Star Market. Click Good quality, all kind of products, no alcoholic drinks. There is one store in Central. Prices are good. star market
  • Target. Supermarket that sells clothes, toys, house things and food.
  • Costco. Visit Cheap and good quality. You have to become a member to buy there. It’s worth it, specially for big families.
  • Market Basket. Click here.

home delivery

Home delivery is the best option in winter where the snow will be all around the city and the traffic is very intense. In Boston you can order with INSTACARD or GOOGLE EXPRESS and they will deliver the food in 1 hour to your home. There is a minimum amount to buy , but it is very confortable. Have a look in their sites.

Also you have They provide on line shopping and deliver the groceries to your home.

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