Fashion and others

Fashion stores are amazing in Boston. Clothes are very cheap and you can find very good brands much cheaper than in our countries of origin.

Newbury street and Boyston street

This streets are the most famous for shopping in Boston. You can go walking from the Boston Common through public Garden. You will find a lot of restaurants and the most famous fashion brands for shopping (Zara, H&M, Brook Brothers, Victoria’s Secret, Valentino, Hermes, Loewe…)

The first outlet I visited when I arrive was Wrentham Outlet.

outlet Wrentham

I bougth a lot of winter clother there in Columbia, the ones with the famous heating system. Also you will find : Brook Brothers, Gap, MK and all the brands you can imagine. It is a walkable place, so it is easy for kids to run around.

And get ready for that!

1420841331194Another outlet I discovered later thanks to my friend Laura was Assembly mall

(13 min by car from Cambridge) There you will find this stores

This is the mall where I have been more times. There are a lot of stores and restaurants and a “boulangerie” called PAUL that is very very good. Also in this mall you will find LEGOLAND, an amazing place to go with your kids.

Galeria Mall

Is the only mall you will find in Cambridge. You can take a shuttle in front of the Coop in Kendall and you will be there in 10 minutes. In this mall you will not find any grocery store, only a CVS where you can buy milk and other “not fresh” foods. You will find clothes stores and a big food court.


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