IMG_3140If you don’t know what the title refers to you wil understand it as soon as you arrive in Boston, this is a classic story that is quintessentially Bostonian! it is commemorated by a charming statue in the public gardens. Your first stop in exploring the city!

Moving with four young children cannot be easy; no matter where you move! But Boston has been wonderful for all of us! It is a rich but not overwhelming city.  Small enough to make it easy to get around, yet big enough for an engaging cultural scene.  For someone moving from the desert, our children experienced weather seasons they only hear about in stories. Before coming here, four seasons was an abstract concept!

“The snow feels like sand in the desert but its white and cold,” My daughter observed! The landscape of the city also inspired them “Riyadh needs more statues, parks, and playgrounds “Riyadh should have trains”

They learned swimming in summer, skiing and ice-skating in winter and of course picking apples and carving pumpkins in the fall.  As for spring, they learned a very important lesson, that cities do blossom after being buried under the snow for many months, and so does the human spirit!

One of the beautiful things about being in Boston is its close proximity to many gorgeous landscapes, whether you go for a scenic drive to New Hampshire, visit the beautiful beaches of the Cape Cod, or seek the ultimate Urban rush in NYC!

To me however, what sets Boston apart are the people! The brains, the spirits, and the diversity.  The intellectual capacity in this city is second to none! once you overcome the intimidation stage, it is so refreshing to see the human face of genius. To know that greatness is accessible! You just have to decide which part of your brain you want to grow, as there is only so much time! It was also a source of inspiration for the children, for why tell your kids they must study hard to go to MIT or Harvard? Go there yourself.  After all, they are more likely to do what you do rather than what you tell them to do! IMG_2187

I must say the first month of school was hectic with many activities assigned at school. We were initially hesitant to enroll the kids in after school activities, but glad for two reasons:

 a) this is a city of working professionals. Life here is quite structured and people plan their weekend ahead of time, coordinating six calendars can be rather daunting, so organizing playdates and social time for kids can be challenging.

b) I was glad that children enjoyed after school and it afforded them an additional platform to make friends and meet other kids at their school. After a year in the city, I find it fascinating to listen to the kind of conversations my children have… “what’s the weather like? It’s not too cold, it’s only -7” or the big questions they ask, like “can computers be inspired?”  or the life skills they have acquired such as my daughter reacting to rushing her in the morning, it is more important to be mindful.  While the year was grand, it is those small moments that I will always cherish.

So the verdict is, Boston is not only good for families with multiple children,  it is WICKED GOOD;)