When you arrive here or you are leaving Boston maybe you will feel the Final Stress.

Today I was walking down the infinite corridor when I found some volunteers giving information about what to do in times of stress . And now it is clear that most of us are living this situations , because we are leaving, because we are arriving, because we are about to experience a great change in our lives and in our families organization. Here you have some recommendations that give the experts and I think we need to follow :

Top 10 ways to Manage Final Stress

1. Make a to-do list

Write down everything that needs to get done, breaking tasks into a smaller parts and spreading them out.

2. Avoid people who will stress you out

Every one is working hard, don’s make a competition to see who is more stressed.

3. Talk to someone who can help

4. Get enough sleep

It will keep you alert and attentive and gives you energy for studying. 8 hours is ideal! (for those who ha
ve kids that is a little bit difficult but try it with the help of your partner)

5. Exercise and eat well

Don’t forget about your health! Exercise is a stress buster (take exercise like a course you have to do in your MBA) , and healthy eating will give you more energy. Try to have a balance food every day (fruits, veggies, fish…) you will feel better.

6. Attend Study breaks

They are everywhere, take advantage of them!

7. Practice relaxation techniques

Yoga MashaExercises like deep breathing and meditation ara proven to reduce anxiety. You can find guided meditations here.

8. Think positively

Rather than worry about the past , focus on the steps you can take to improve your performance now. Visualize your self doing well on the exam, on your life, on your family…

9. Don’t be afraid to say no

The most iimportant word: NO

10. Reward yourself

DSC02599Have some fun and kep your motivation up by rewarding yourself after a study session or exam, go for a walk to the river, watch a movie or catch up with friends.