FoMO is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. While you are at MIT there are so many interesting things happening at the same time, that you have to be able be ok with missing some of the cool events, speakers and opportunities around you.
Nonetheless these  are the top 5 things that you should not miss out as a Sloan Fellow at MIT

1. Tim Muddy talks & Beers

In addition to learning about your classmates life and experiences, Tim Muddy talks remind you of the importance of gratitude and humility. After the Tim Muddy Fellows meet that the Muddy Charles to enjoy beers and share their stories.11150776_10152687270796266_5310921533642469797_n

2. Sloan Fellows Private C Functions

The Sloan Fellows Private C Function is a great way for fellows from a specific country or region to share their culture with the rest of the cohort. Getting involved in this event is a great way to experience first hand another country’s traditions and get out of your confort zone.10714275_10152356060161266_7620366967575611489_o

3. Life outside Sloan

I encourage you to explore MIT outside Sloan. It is a unique experience to be immerse in the MIT ecosystem and to learn about the amazing things that are being created. Think of it as studying the future…. Below Professor Lozano and his small satellites.11173345_10152686639011266_7974415523176127871_n

4. Living as a student again

Being a student again comes with amazing benefits. You can participate in club activities and feel like a teenager again again… our Slow Fellows Soccer team was great fun during the year.11179960_10152677992851266_2038194994082559731_n

5.  Fellows and their families

But no matter what you do at MIT, the best thing are the Fellows and their families. They become your family and a network that will support you forever.

Finally as a way to help you keep up with MIT activities, download the MIT Mobile app and check the calendar on a daily basis. And don’t forge that a way to avoid FoMO Syndrome is to participate in as much events as possible

Enjoy your MIT experience!

Laura Gaviria Halaby
MIT Fellowship in innovation and Global Leadership | MBA
Legatum Fellow 2014 – 2015