Hello everyone !!

This is an important issue to consider, Last weekend I had a problem when I was driving to the school to pick my daughter up.

I recomend you before coming to Boston or in the first days here to spend some time reading the traffic laws of this state. Most of us we do not need to get a driver’s license of MA if we are going to stay here only 1 year, due to our country has an agreement with the state of MA. In this link  you can see if you have that benfit.

Karen2If you are planning to live more time here, maybe you should plan to take the exam to get the driver’s licence of MA.  Otherwise, Police can stop and consider that an infraction that will remain in your background every time you come to the US.

Another important thing is to read the regulations, since each country has different rules. While many are similar to our original country there are some that do not. As it happened to me while driving through Memorial Drive, there was a police car stopped with its blue lights on while the policeman was inside the car. I slowed down and passed by when the policeman started to shout at me “what are you doing?” and made me stop and asked me to show him my license.

 The point was that when a police car is stopped with its blue lights on we have to stop and wait there with our hands in the wheel until the policeman authorize us to go ahead.Karen

 But my idea is not to scare anybody… hahaha, but if I can help with some advice, it would be nice to know a little traffic law and we will avoid to be in a trouble. It is not very usual to be asked to stop by a policeman here in Boston, but when it does … Better to know !!!

You will find the driver’s full manual here.

Good luck !!!